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An insight into my current and recent work in the various fields I have found myself in. Take a look at projects from my MA in Games Design and Development, or my work as a Production Manager in London and the West End, or some samples of my filmmaking.



Menagerie Fabulosa is a 3D park building/management game where the player runs a Wildlife Park for endangered mythical animals.

The player will engage is multiple levels of management to keep and care for the animals at the zoo. The base layer will be construction of suitable enclosures for the animals that satisfy the environmental factors for their individual needs. The second layer will be to care for the animals health through assessing and adapting the animals lifestyle using their diet, enrichment and interaction programs and veterinary care. The third layer will involve the management of the animal populations regarding breeding, and strengthening genetic diversity of a species through transferring and trading. The fourth layer involves the financial management of the centre, the raising of money for particular programs and balancing the need for visitors against the happiness and exploitation of the creatures.


The Prisoner is a 3D primarily 3rd-person interactive narrative game experience. The game is built for PC and utilises the XBOX controller for interface with the game.

The player is asked to live out the life sentence of a prisoner over a single day in prison. Using accelerated time during cutscene and a montaging process the player sees their character age from a young, new prisoner to old age whilst being within the confines of a prison.

Playthrough  Video: https://vimeo.com/246787125/096aefd4f6


Out of body is a First and Second person VR murder mystery where the player is the victim.

After being murdered in an alleyway, the player is given the opportunity to bring their murdered to justice by haunting the detective investigating their case.

Playthrough Video: https://vimeo.com/270665020/32d0fa8b25


After several gruelling months, the filming of Don Flash and the Temple of Horrors (1953) is nearly complete.

Players take control of a stunt man brought in by the director to fill in the remaining scenes. The catch? Our stunt man isn’t quite what he used to be. With age, the skills that gave him his ‘Hollywood status’ are slowly slipping away from him - much to the worry of the director.

Can you, the player, guide the stunt man from scene to scene with as little incident as possible?

Playthrough Video:  https://vimeo.com/211543035/d6a265fff8

I led a team of five to create a first person, 3D experience of a 1950s filmset in only six weeks. From generating the concept to delivering the final build I supervised all aspects of narrative, mechanics and 3D modelling for the project.


My MA Dissertation based on the efficacy of using moral choices in Interactive Narrative.

..."In narrative driven gameplay the player is often challenged to assume a position of moral authority within the game world, and with that authority the ability to enforce a moral code upon the characters and environment of the game world. Many games choose a binary approach to moral decisions and reward the player for stick to a single good/evil bias within gameplay which punishes player that explore a non-binary approach to the game. Studies have also shown a large bias towards the “good” side of the good/evil binary, which coupled with the relatively low numbers of replays many games receive raises questions about the efficacy of developing “evil” storylines or content for games.

It’s important to note that there are important examples of games that have had serious critical acclaim that have subverted the binary nature of moral choice as well as recent film and television shows. Examples of binary and non-binary media are crucial to understanding the importance of moral choice as a narrative device and the effect it has on creating interesting media, both interactive and linear."...


My first solo development project, Canoon was created and executed over 6 weeks and involved creating a custom physics engine within the Unity IDE using C# and some interesting mathematics.

Initially a concept to explore the mimicry of physics in virtual space, it became a self contained game that stretched my understanding of C#, shatter modelling and building for a webpage platform.


 Production Manager for the West-End debut of BAFTA nominated director Paul Andrew Williams, starring Anthony Head, Niamh Cusack, Tom Hughes and David Michaels.

"...we can never relax because something bad is in the air and time is of the essence we are all also living this last hour, waiting for reprieve, if it is ever to come, with Simon and his family. Tick tock, tick tock. ..." -Ann Treneman The Times 


Henry Hitchings The Standard 



Production Manager for the world debut of Britains Best Recruiting Sergeant for the Unicorn Theatre. 

A feisty, song-filled and touching look at the real-life story of Vesta Tilley. We follow Little Tilley as she takes her first steps onto the iconic music hall stage with her father, hones her own act and then goes it alone in order to become Vesta Tilley - Britain's Best Recruiting Sergeant; a shining star of the music hall whose much-loved act as a male impersonator makes her world-famous.  

★★★★ Time Out, Exeunt, South London Press, TheatreBubble, Everything Theatr


Assistant Location Manager on the London Unit for The Conjuring 2. I was part of the team that worked to manage the logistics of 100+ man crews for several weeks on location and in studio.


Director and Producer of To the Waters and the Wild 

Starring: (Emmy Nominated) Hannah Taylor Gordon, David Gant, Claire Porter and Terrence Brown

To The Waters And The Wild is a creepy fantasy filled with odd superstitions and faeries with dark intentions (but remember, they don't like to be called faeries!). When Katie returns to the village of her childhood home for her mothers funeral, she discovers the truth behind her mother's old stories and finds herself drawn into a grotesque world of trickery and deceit. This is the story of a woman's rediscovery of her roots through a journey of retribution led by guilt

The ability to communicate my take on the world is what makes me tick. I do not waste the opportunities I am given and I have the skills to turn my vision into reality, whether working solo, or managing a large team. And I enjoy every minute!


London, UK


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